Tijara Weather Ward

TWW is an innovative and high quality paint that is suited for use on exterior walls. It provides a smooth and attractive, fungus resistant finish. Adhering well to exterior wall surfaces, it is also extremely durable against harsh weather conditions. For new or freshly cemented surfaces, Tijara Sealer is highly recommended as a pre-coat prior to applying Tijara Weather Ward.

Physical Characteristics


1.25 – 1.45 (Kg/Liter)

Volume Solid

Approx 50 %


11 – 13 m2/Liter

Colours Please refer to the Tijara colour chart
Gloss Sheen


Dry film thickness

50-100 microns per coat

Drying time

Touch dry: ≤ 1 hour
Hard dry: ≤ 8 hours

Recoating interval

2-3 hours

No. of coats

Minimum 2 coats


  • Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from loose particles.
  • Dilute with 5% clean water for first coat and up 5% clean water for second coat.
  • Always stir well.
  • Apply with roller brush or spray.