Tijara Sealer

TSR is an Acrylic Copolymer coating specially formulated as a durable base coat for exterior walls. It can be used for new or freshly cemented surfaces, TSR is highly recommended as a pre-coat prior to applying Tijara Weather Ward.

Physical Characteristics


1.1 – 1.2 (Kg/Liter)

Volume Solid

Approx 40 %


10 – 12 m2/Liter

Colours Off  white
Gloss Matt


Dry film thickness

30 – 40 microns per coat

Drying time

Touch dry: ≤ 1 hour
Hard dry: ≤ 8 hours

Recoating interval

2 hours

No. of coats

1 coat


  • Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from loose particles.
  • Dilute with 10% clean water for first coat.
  • Always stir well.
  • Apply with roller brush or spray.