Tijara Non Stick PU Paint


TIJARA NON STICK is water-based paint that is excellent in anti-dirt, anti-rust, anti-fungus and against flaking. It provides a high-performance, highly durable gloss coating formulated for applications requiring extremely high-slip characteristics. The painted areas will be free from spider web and no appearance of lizard on the painted surface.

Physical Characteristics


1.0 – 1.2 (Kg/Liter)


9- 12 m2/Liter


Rough or smooth

Colours Color or transparent
Gloss Mid Sheen


Dry film thickness

100-200 microns per coat

Drying time

Touch dry: ≤3 hours

Hard dry: ≤8 hours

Recoating interval

8 hours

Port Life (Part A + Part B) 

1 hours

No. of coats

minimum 2 coats


  • Mix Part A and Part B with ratio of 1:1 and stir well
  • Dilute Part A with maximum 5% of water before mixing with Part B. Do not dilute with water/solvent after mixing Part A and Part B.
  • Always use same size of cup/container to measure Part A and Part B equally.
  • Always to estimate how many liter to use for painting within 1 hour working time.
  • Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from loose particles.
  • Always stir well.
  • Apply with roller brush .
  • Take note that painting during high temperature and high moisture may affected the final quality and drying time of the paint.Make sure to always stir before painting and close lid tightly to avoid hardening.